How new computers could save money for your business...

10 Feb 2019

Buying new computers or end user devices for your business may seem like an unnecessary expense, but not upgrading your machines could cost alot more - here are some reasons why;

  • Maintenance & Downtime
  • Security
  • Cloud

With older computers there is a greater risk of having performance related Issues. This is due to wear and tear, like most common machinery. Software issues and outdated software also add to performance problems overtime. Direct costs to the business because of these factors are time costs (staff waiting for computers to work or downtime), risk (possibility of lost data due to hardware failure or corruption), increased cost for maintenance.

Computers which are running older software are at a greater risk of security problems. To elaborate the longer a piece of software is in the market place, the longer hackers have to discover and exploit its flaws and weaknesses – especially if that computer isn’t being maintained. Another issue to be mindful of is that developers eventually stop issuing security updates, fixes, and patches for newly discovered issues and bugs the older the software gets. Data security is one of the biggest issues facing Australian – and global business; and it will only get more important into the future.

In a connected cloud world, you may not need to replace your old computer with an expensive new computer. BlueReefs Cloud Desktop for example means business can purchase much cheaper “thin clients” to work from, or even tablets. This not only means new devices and new software, but much better security moving forward – with a relatively low capital cost.

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