What is the BlueReef Agent?

30 Apr 2019

At BlueReef Technology help our clients by proactively monitoring, protecting, and maintaining their computer systems. How do we do that? That’s where BlueReef Agent comes in!  BlueReef Agent is a powerful tool which is used over the internet to assist with any IT issues and help prevent issues such as data loss and downtime from hardware failure.

With this tool we can keep an eye on the health of your computer hardware (monitor, track and prevent issues) and remotely update and maintain your computer, keeping it running smoothly and without faults.

The tool also helps us gain remote support to your computers where required (remote support), and control which websites staff can access on their computers (i.e. block social media, gambling sites etc.).

BlueReef Agent can be installed on Mobile Devices (such as Apple & Android), as well as PCs and laptops running Windows, MacOS (Apple), or Linux. The Agent can also be extended to servers running Windows or Linux distributions. For mobile devices, we can help track lost or stolen phones and remotely wipe devices & setup wireless networks.

Setup costs are low, and the desktop version of the software is provided free of charge for clients who use our Managed IT Services.

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What is the BlueReef Agent?

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