BlueReef Cloud Backup

Ensuring data is backed up and secure is critical for all business, big and small. BlueReef Cloud Backup is designed to support desktop and servers alike; meaning all levels of IT for your business are protected. Installed as part of the BlueReef Agent and Antivirus, we are able to quickly deploy this software to any device within moments and backup your business data securely.

Our Cloud Backup software solution means you won’t need to use local backup disks or rely on Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store your data.  Our software is installed on the device holding the data, which backs data up to our secure servers for safekeeping.

Data recovery is fast: if the worst were to happen, getting all your data back is quick and easy.

The best part is you won't need to remember to do backups. Our software will do it all for you. If there are ever any major problems, we will be notified and will contact you immediately to remedy. It truly is set and forget.

How it Works;

  • Secure Backups - we keep your business-critical data protected at all times; all you need is an internet connection.
  • Disaster Recovery - data is stored off-site and can be quickly restored in case of an data loss event.
  • Give the word and we can deploy - BlueReef Cloud Backup can be deployed immediately, as apart of our agent.
  • 24x7: Always - you will be able to access and backup your data from any location with an Internet connection; always.
  • We check to make sure you are safe! - BlueReef Managed Agent means we are always checking the health of all elements of your IT every working day - including your cloud backups!
  • Security is big - SSL and 256-bit AES encryption means your data is safe.
  • Automatic Backup - Runs in the background allowing lower operational costs; and piece of mind; Or we can schedule for overnight.
  • Protect PCs, Laptops, Servers, Cloud Data and any other network data and system files with one simple solution. We cover it all!
  • Only changes are updated, resulting in efficient and non disruptive backups; saving you time and money.
  • We use inbuilt Microsoft Technology - Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is used as apart of our tool for efficient backup.
  • Protect complex database systems such as MS SQL; MYSQL and Microsoft Exchange (to name a few!)
  • And the big one: Pay for only what you use. Per GB, Per Month. No license fees, no hardware costs: Simple, cheap, easy!
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