BlueReef Agent Support Articles

The BlueReef agent is a great tool that provides enterprise grade antivirus, web protection, remote support, maintenance and other benefits. Below we have written some support articles to help with the tool.

Install the agent on a new computer

When you have a new computer, you should get the agent installed on it as soon as practically possible so that it can be protected.

For each client we create a personalised installer for that client. To request your companies installer, please contact the helpdesk on 0889220000 or log a ticket.

Once the file has been provided, all you need to do is unzip it, and then double click on the installation file. The rest is automated and mostly silent (you won't see alot more on your screen).

You will know when it has been installed in 20-30 minutes when our logo shows up in the bottom right hand side of your screen, next to the clock (as per below image).


If you need any further assistance, please call the helpdesk or log a ticket.

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